The BODY Story

We started with the idea that not all vodka needs to be 40% alcohol volume. So we created BODY to redefine the drinking experience. We chose to lead with taste over alcohol quantity and create the cleanest, smoothest vodka that is 25% less alcohol than the standard offerings. A product that can replace your 80 proof vodka cocktails so you can enjoy the drinks you love at a better taste and without having to pay (heavy) consequences the next day. We're all about owning your night, not having your night own you. BODY is female-formulated, owned and operated.

What is BODY?

Ten times distilled and made from non-GMO corn, BODY is a premium vodka that tastes exactly as it should — light, silky and smooth. Our North Carolina-made spirit uses Indiana corn with water softened by limestone and alkaline, giving it that super light, oh-so-sippable quality. BODY has a touch of 100% organic pure bee-pollinated agave nectar that begins with plants in Mexico and reaches its final stage of production in a small, family-owned farm, just outside of Boulder, Colorado.


BODY's producers operate as a zero-loss agricultural refiner, and every pound of corn is primarily sourced from local farmers. 100% of the process water is utilized to produce a finished product, or it's cleaned and reused. We use net positive packaging, and for every tree consumed, our package partner, Givr, plants 20 more with global reforestation partners. We will continue to work on making better environmental changes with our product and packaging and will keep you posted as those changes occur.

We're so excited for you to try BODY and hope your experience is as refreshing, light and fun as life should be.

Much <3, Jilly & the team